About Stephen Rager the Modern Day Scribe

I enjoy my spending time with my wife, daughter, studying the Bible and mainly outdoor activities. If there is a specific request please email or call me and work out the details with you. If you want to help me become a better calligrapher purchase decorated evelopes from me so I can take more classes and purchase supplies.  I don’t want your donations or charity I want to create works of art for you!

Many people ask how I got into calligraphy. Well, my daughter gets the credit for this one. She liked to play in the bathtub for hours literally. So instead of leaving her unattended in the water which you never want to do with 2 year olds. I pulled up a chair, table and took books out of the library on calligraphy. My affinity for calligraphy took off from there. I keep expanding my abilities further and further every day. This has been a great journey and I plan to do this for a living as my next career. Thank you for all the encouraging support from each of your comments to ordering work by me.  It has been so encouraging.

Watch for video’s and interviews plus great content coming soon. I spend a little time here and there improving the blog.





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