The Dancing Letters Scholarship Fund

Emerson 14 Apr Cropped

Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Dancing Letters Scholarship Fund – click this link to donate to this 501(c)3 scholarship fund.  If everyone donates $2 (I’m hope you donate $5 or more) you’ll be fueling the future of the Calligraphic Arts.

This opportunity for future calligraphers was conceived by Aimee Michaels at the 28th International Calligraphy Conference.  Amiee wants to provide opportunities to younger calligraphers to be able to attend the calligraphy conferences, connect with mentors, learn techniques and become the next generation of calligraphers.

The scholarship was originally named after the copious calligrapher Ann Van Tassel.  She was known as a talented artist, active member of the Cyberscribes and encourager of other calligraphers in her community.  She had her own blog Ann’s Dancing Letters and was quoted saying “I love being around the creativity that flows like a mighty river through every conference I’ve attend.”

Word of the scholarship has been spread using social media, contacting art teachers, colleges and community art centers.  Please share this blog or the actual website on your social media’s pages so the word can be spread and the scholarship be funded.

What a few donated dollars can do?

One of the first recipients of the scholarship, Rebecca Farber, attended the Odyssey conference in 2010 and it was one of the most inspiring weeks she states she ever had.  During the conference she gained confidence in her abilities.   Identified what she needed to focus on and has reinvested the skills she’s learned back into her local community.  She taught beginning calligraphy in the fall of 2010 in New York City where she is an active member of The Society of Scribes.

To Elissa Barr of Inky Fingers Calligraphy & Graphic Arts  thank you for the background information to write this piece.  Be sure to visit her site and purchase a product to help keep American Dollars in America by using our own local calligraphers!