Romanesque P on a black envelope



Peter Bryan has been sending me plenty of work this past summer for my small business doing odd jobs on the side. This funds my expensive calligraphy habit.  So I sent a thank you note in the envelope you see above.  If your buying or selling your home in the Evansville, IN stop by his office.  Here’s a hyper link to his website.

To make the lettering opaque on colored envelopes I followed the instructions in a recent issue of Bound & Lettered a calligraphy magazine.   By adding two or 3 drops of Dr. Martins Bleed Proof White to my W & N Cerulean Blue.  The lettering came out creamy, consistent and opaque.  I did not need to go back with a brush and add another layer.  The letter P itself is in keeping with research I’ve found for letters of the Romanesque period.  There’s a few great books on illuminated lettering but I’ve really enjoyed The Illuminated Alphabet by Patricia Seligan and Timothy Noad.  It’s full of detailed instructions for various periods and lot’s of inspiring sketches from those periods.


October 2013 Romanesque theme

The goal is to do 1 Romanesque letter every 2 to 3 weeks till I have a full alphabet.  Here’s the letter “K” in a two different forms.

DSCN1554 DSCN1653

These two were finished letters I used on actual envelopes.  For the blue on black I followed the instructions in this last issue of Bound and Lettered.  By adding a 2 drops of Dr Martins Bleed Proof White to a the blue gouache it came out much more opaque and doesn’t smudge.

Below is a two different practice pieces I was working on, first in water color then in gouache.


You can find all sorts of Romanesque letters in digital scriptorium by searching by the time period.

Septembers uploads


Here’s a few that were completed over the summer.  I’ll be posting some more in October, hopefully I can get back on track posting once a month or more.  I’m sticking to Romanesque theme’s for a while till I feel very confident in the art work. Thanks for all the positive feed back.  If your interested in learning more search for a local calligraphy guild or art community in your area.

Do these decorated envelopes continues to be an enjoyable way to share what your doing and the people enjoy receiving them as way.