A quote for all Calligraphers and Artist!

Success Qoute 1 April 2013 Edited 1

I don’t know who said this quote but it’s a great statement to live by.   I heard in a podcast this morning. Below is the 3rd redo of my alphabet that I use as an exemplar and for the general public to see. The one you see below won’t be the one you see in 1 year from now as I am constantly redoing it have a better exemplar for people to see.   A matter of fact, if you look carefully at my photo’s you’ll notice the very slight differences between this exemplar and the one originally posted somewhere on this blog site.

Work example 2

Do something actionable every day, wither it be reading a book, getting exercise or practicing your skill set. Intelligent practice is the key to maximizing your practice time so be deliberate with what you’re doing. Remember success isn’t dependent on who you are but what you actually do!